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This is how we style

By Fully customizing and styling services elevating events, celebrations, and businesses. Each design is sure to be innovative, and visually captivating that meet your goals for your memorable event


Backdrops are designed & styled fully customizable to your event theme. We take your party concept and create a custom-colored wall display including pretty decor, fresh florals, and design props. We offer custom builds ranging from wood walls, wood props, bar booths, favor walls, abstract displays and more. We require at least 2-3 months of building time to complete.

Our Package starts from $900+

Each backdrop bundle includes:

+ Two custom-colored walls

+ Large floral arrangement

+ Cake stand pillar or table

+ Theme decor display

+ Custom wall signage

+Balloon Garland 8ft $230+

+Party favor wall/Seating wall $300+

The Standard

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